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XCP Professional
Now Available in the UAE

XCP™ products delivers market-leading performance that loosens, lubricates, protects and cleans everything from large-scale industrial equipment to rusty hinges in the home.

High Dash No Flash

Established in 2010, HELIHOVER has sought to improve the current conditions and availability of high consumption products to the UAE. With roots in the aviation industry. We started by storing limited shelf life products that needed to be displaced in large quantities. 

Using a team of engineers and supply chain management professionals along side a highly efficient team of data analysts to organize orders, workflow and delivery schedules. Orders are ready just in time. 

In 2021, our team sought to expand and provide unique and competitive products. We decided to restructure our organization to create a new catalogue of products well suited to enter the middle eastern market. Our team of engineers hand selected each product and are firm believers in every product we offer.